Integrated Education Software

Integrated Education Software Ltd client base is drawn from a wide range of organisations through out the education sector.  This includes colleges, schools and private training providers throughout New Zealand and Asia.

As well as being designed to integrate data through the whole system (one time only data entry), the IES System is also very flexible so is able to be adjusted to the individual requirements of each provider and school.

Clients have found one of the benefits of having their specific needs addressed is that they are not expected to buy modules they will not use. They can choose to purchase the basic system and as they become familiar and confident additional modules can be added with little fuss.  The importance of system training is very much emphasised so that clients get full value from their investment and become confident users.

IES representatives attend various education related conferences each year to keep current with latest trends, catch up with clients and promote the system to those who have an interest.  We also provide our own workshops and conferences to up skill clients and refresh knowledge of system facilities.

On site visits are available to provide assistance and regular system maintenance at any time, the face to face contact is invaluable for both parties and our regular newsletters and emails keep us in touch with everyone.  This provides opportunities for discussion and future planning.

Clients of IES are professionals who require an excellent product and support.
These expectations are fully realised by a dedicated team who are committed to their roles, are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient, striving for the very best for our clients.


"The NZ Radio Training School has been using the IES Student Management System since 2002. We began using the basics of the system and after regular training are now using additional facilities eg analising enquiries to refine our marketing.

The team at IES are always up to date with the latest developments and IES have been able to solve major problems we had experienced with data returns to the Ministry of Education. They are a company that offers excellent service and support."

Debbie Baker - The NZ Radio Training School Ltd