Integrated Education Software
24 May 2009

IES LOGO The IES logo is designed to visualise the concept of our software.

A logo says a great deal about a company so there was much discussion and many ideas tried before the existing logo was finally agreed upon.

The colours of yellow and black are those of the Government's concept of Tomorrows Schools, involving communities their local education processes.

The nine blocks symbolise the modules within the IES System, they are seperate, stand alone features. which are also able to be totally integrated. Blocks also represent the strength and solidarity of the whole IES System, strong and reliable.

The owl is a symbol representing wisdom and knowledge through education and learning.

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" I feel IES is very usable and clear - navigation around the package is fast and well linked. Integration is the strength and all modules are FULLY integrated with each other with simple, easy processes. Assistance is fast, friendly and effective."

Vaughan Couillault @ The Manurewa High School