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Other Manuals

Student System $50 Student System $55 IEStay System $30
Absentee System $25 Student Your Reports $25 What you need to Know Manuals:
Academic System $50 SDR Systems $55 Student System $25
Archive and Alumni $25


Financial System $25
Record of Achievement $15 Financial Based PTE System $25
Timetable System $50 General Ledger System $45

Security System $45|
(comes in colour only)

Student Your Reports $40 Creditors System $35 Technicians Manual $45
Waiting List System $15 Purchase Order System $35 Technical Manual $30
Staff System $20 Fixed Assets System $20  
Pastoral System $25 Debtors System $25  
Teams System $30 Fees and Funds System $25  
Library System $45  
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Please see/contact IES Staff for availability of manuals.

A discount applies to manuals purchased at PD sessions or for orders of more than one manual.


" I feel IES is very usable and clear - navigation around the package is fast and well linked. Integration is the strength and all modules are FULLY integrated with each other with simple, easy processes. Assistance is fast, friendly and effective."

Vaughan Couillault @ The Manurewa High School


"IES is a valuable Student Management System for our Tertiary Students and we always receive helpful, prompt service from Robin and the team."

Sarah Holmes - Nelson School of Music