Integrated Education Software

IES is written in the Development Tool OpenInsight. This Development Tool was chosen for its versatility and flexibility. It means that the IES System can be readily adapted to User requirements. In the case of our International Schools, we are able to add individual pages in the Student Database to record “Local Information” for reporting purposes.

The System is also able to print in various languages, including Asian / Chinese characters.

Installation and Training

Initial installation, data conversion and training would involve approximately a week for the Student System and a similar length of time for the Financial Systems depending on the use that would be required. The number of modules taken and the number of staff to train would also determine the length of time needed.

fab Sheets

An insight into the Features, Advantages and Benefits of the IES software.

International FAB
NZ Schools FAB

Sample reports

End of Year Student Report
Year 1 Learning Attitudes
Yearly Summary Report
Parent Report : Trial Grades
Course Breakdown
Tutors Feedback
Quarterly Report
Grades & Equivalency Report